dental dry milling machine
dental dry milling machine

dental dry milling machine

Equipment Size
Rotating Axis Operating Angle
A: 360°, B: 30°-90°
Total Power
Cutting Precision
Tool Magazine Capacity
Processing Methods
Five-axis linkage, dry milling
Burs Specializations
Special props for handle diameter 4mm
Main Axis Speed
Working Pressure
4.7-7.5 bar (no water, no gasoline)
Stable Voltage
Stable Air Pressure
Country of origin
Brand Name

Introducing the Dental Dry Milling Machine by Changsha Honchon Technology Co., Ltd.


Changsha Honchon Technology Co., Ltd. is proud to present our latest innovation, the Dental Dry Milling Machine. Specifically designed for dental clinics and processing factories, this machine offers a wide range of milling capabilities, allowing for the precise cutting of various materials such as zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, and wax. With its unique features and functionalities, our Dental Dry Milling Machine is a game-changer in the field of dental milling.

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One of the standout features of our Dental Dry Milling Machine is its 5-axis simultaneous machining capability. This advanced functionality enables the machine to move in multiple directions simultaneously, allowing for intricate and precise carving and milling. With this 5-axis linkage, users can achieve complex designs and achieve the highest level of detail and accuracy in their dental restorations.


Another key advantage of our Dental Dry Milling Machine is its versatility in material processing. Whether you are working with zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, wax, or other dental materials, our machine can handle them all. This versatility ensures that dental professionals can meet the diverse needs of their patients and achieve the desired results with ease.


Additionally, our Dental Dry Milling Machine is equipped with a feature that allows it to continue processing even after a power outage. This ensures that no work is lost and minimizes any potential disruption to the milling process. This functionality is particularly valuable in time-sensitive situations, where the completion of a restoration is critical.


Furthermore, our Dental Dry Milling Machine offers the convenience of easily interchangeable tool bits. Users can effortlessly replace milling burs according to their specific requirements, saving time and increasing efficiency. This flexibility allows for quick adaptation to different milling tasks and ensures optimal performance.


With 5 spindles, our Dental Dry Milling Machine provides the capability for various types of fine carving and milling. This multi-spindle configuration allows for increased productivity and the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Dental professionals can rely on our machine to deliver precise and efficient results, saving time and effort in their daily operations.



In summary, Changsha Honchon Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the Dental Dry Milling Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for dental clinics and processing factories. With its 5-axis simultaneous machining capability, versatile material processing, power outage recovery function, interchangeable tool bits, and 5 spindles, our machine revolutionizes dental milling by providing exceptional precision, efficiency, and flexibility. Trust in our expertise and choose our Dental Dry Milling Machine for superior dental restorations and enhanced productivity.


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