• 05-31


    Who is the best zirconia crowns development laboratory?

    Glidewell Laboratories: Based in the USA, they are one of the industry leaders in dental prosthetics, including zirconia crowns.Argen Corporation: They are the world's largest manufacturer of dent

  • 04-26


    Wieland Milling Burs: The Perfect Solution for High-Quality Dental Restorations

    Honchon smile is the leading Compatible Wieland milling burs manufacturer in China. The milling burs provided by our company are 100% compatible with your machine, and are very cost-effective and high quality!

  • 04-24


    How to choose the right dental milling burs?

    Want to learn more about dental milling burs? This blog post has a detailed introduction. This article is worth reading.

  • 04-07


    Dental Milling Burs Offer You A Unique Design and Benefits

    Milling turning burs have achieved a high internal production depth in CAM software development and machine building. It can be represented by many technical design works and also by the manufacture of machine parts for dental systems on industrial milling machines. The entire range of dental milling pins used in electronic equipment and all of their milling pins are produced a...

  • 11-14


    China Manufacturer Dental Acetal Disc 

    China Manufacturer Dental Acetal Disc Product Description Honchon Smile Flexible Acetal a semi-flexible, tooth colored material, a millable resin that provides dental technicians and dentists with a metal-free alternative for removable applications. This highly crystalline acetal copolymer possesses

  • 10-23


    The Significance Of Dental Polishing Burs

    Polishing burs are essential for smoothing the surface of dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, and bridges. They help to remove excess material and refine the surface to achieve a high-gloss