ceramic zirconia sintering furnace
ceramic zirconia sintering furnace

ceramic zirconia sintering furnace

Heating rate
Maximum heating rate 50℃/min
rated power
width 32cm Depth 36cm Height 50cm

The ceramic zirconia sintering furnace is an integrated sintering furnace with precise temperature control and speed for zirconia sintering launched by Changsha Honchon Technology Co., Ltd. The ceramic zirconia sintering furnace can pre-enter 5 temperature control curves and is easy to operate. The rated power is 2KW and can be used normally. It has been used for more than 10 years. It controls the temperature very accurately, reduces the probability of rework, and greatly improves the yield. It is a good helper for dentists!


1. Voice prompt function
2.Touch screen size/7 true colors
3. Temperature control accuracy, +/-1 degree
4. Precision stepper motor drive, smooth and smooth operation without jitter. 5. High purity silicon carbide rod
6. Hyperbolic sintering system automatically performs temperature calibration before each sintering.
7. Low noise tray, programmable speed
8. Traditional 10-hour slow burning available diameter 100mm
The crucible is stacked in two layers and only requires 8.5 kilowatt hours of electricity to complete sintering.
9. The maximum temperature can be set to 1560℃
10. Maximum heating rate 50/C/min
11. The sintering furnace does not need to be preheated in advance. Ready to use
12. Automatic rapid cooling technology.
13. 24 custom programs and built-in programs.

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