What are solid zirconia veneers?


These types of dental veneers are very similar to lithium disilicate veneers and are known for their enhanced strength.

Check out the benefits below to learn why zirconia-based veneers have become a popular choice for dental veneer work.


An extremely strong choice for dental veneer materials

Not easily cracked, chipped or broken.


Opaque material. Ceramic overlays may be required for a good aesthetic appearance.

A large amount of enamel may need to be removed before placement.

Zirconia veneers are often prepared at the expense of a large amount of tooth structure.

Replacing zirconia veneers is more difficult because it is a difficult material to remove.

Who is it for?

If you need help hiding underlying damaged or darkened teeth, solid zirconia veneers may be an excellent option.

This is due to the opacity and superior strength-enhancing qualities of zirconia. This protects the fragile teeth underneath and prevents any see-through.