Full arch implant multilayer discs
Full arch implant multilayer discs

Full arch implant multilayer discs

Product Type
Multilayer zirconia
BL1 BL2 BL3 A1 A2 A3 A3.5 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4 C1 C2 C3 C4 D2 D3 D4
ultra translucent
Sintered Density
Bending Strength
700MPA to1200MPA
Light transmittance
45% to 57%
Sintering Temperature
Model Number
OD98 / OD95 / AG 92*75 /
Product Size
10mm / 12mm / 14mm / 16mm / 18mm / 20mm / 22mm / 25mm


Enhanced Aesthetics: The multilayer design of the discs allows for a seamless blend with natural teeth, providing enhanced aesthetics for full arch implant restorations.

High Strength: The discs are made from durable and resilient materials, ensuring long-term stability and functionality.

Biocompatibility: The materials used in the discs are biocompatible, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions or complications.

Customizability: The discs can be customized to match the specific needs of each patient, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit.

Ease of Use: The discs are designed for easy handling and manipulation, enabling dental professionals to efficiently create full arch implant restorations.

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Production Process:

Material Selection: High-quality and biocompatible materials, such as zirconia or titanium, are selected as the base for the discs.

CNC Milling: The selected materials are processed using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machines to create the desired disc shape.

Layering: Multiple layers of materials with different colors and translucencies are carefully stacked and bonded together to achieve a natural and lifelike appearance.

Milling and Polishing: The multilayered discs are further milled and polished to ensure a smooth and precise finish.

Quality Control: Each disc undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure its dimensional accuracy, strength, and aesthetics.

Customization: The discs can be customized based on the patient's specific requirements, such as size, shape, and shade.

Packaging and Distribution: The finished discs are carefully packaged and distributed to dental professionals for use in full arch implant restorations.

Product Application:

Dental Full Arch Implant Multilayer Discs are primarily used in the field of implant dentistry for the fabrication of full arch implant restorations. These discs provide dental professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional full arch implant prosthetics.

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