Revealing the manufacturing process of zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth


For patients with missing teeth, porcelain teeth must be the most familiar tooth repair method. However, because porcelain is composed of two layers: a metal base layer and an outer porcelain layer, its color is very different from that of real teeth. , it looks very "eye-catching" when placed in the middle of the teeth, and porcelain teeth are becoming increasingly unable to meet the needs of the public. Zirconia all-ceramic teeth perfectly make up for this shortcoming of porcelain teeth.

However, many patients are not very familiar with such new tooth repair methods, and are worried about whether there will be problems such as immature technology. In fact, the tooth repair process and method of zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth and porcelain teeth are the same. The beauty below Experts from Lianchen Fine Cosmetic Dentistry will give you a detailed introduction to the production process of zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth.

The production process of zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth

During production, doctors will recommend using the good teeth on both sides of the missing tooth as abutments and grinding away about 1/3 of the tooth tissue. However, zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth remove relatively less tooth tissue than porcelain teeth. Less and painless.

1. If the tooth requires a zirconium dioxide all-ceramic dental restoration due to defects in color or shape, and the tooth itself is in good health, the tooth is usually prepared under local anesthesia, a model is taken, and the color is compared during the first visit, that is, The dentist and patient work together to select the appropriate tooth color and make a temporary crown based on the situation.

2. If the tooth has caries or tooth defects and the dental nerve has not been affected, dental filling needs to be performed first. If the filling is far away from the dental nerve, the tooth preparation for porcelain crown restoration can be carried out immediately after the filling is completed; If the filling is close to the tooth nerve, it may be necessary to observe the situation for a period of time and increase the number of visits.

3. If the tooth has extensive caries, tooth defects, has affected the dental nerve or has periapical lesions, it needs to undergo complete pulp or periapical treatment first. After the situation is stable, the porcelain crown can be repaired. treat. For patients who require post crown repair, the number of visits will increase accordingly.

4. Color comparison. In order to ensure that the color of the porcelain teeth is similar to that of the original teeth or adjacent teeth, the doctor must use a color guide to compare the color of the original tooth with the color of the affected tooth, and determine the approximate hue range on the color guide to avoid all-ceramic teeth. The color is inconsistent with natural teeth.

5. The second visit will be about 2 to 3 weeks later. The specific time is determined by the time required to process the zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth. Try on the crown first. If all aspects are satisfactory, such as fit and bite, Relationship, color, etc., the dentures can be permanently cemented.

Through the introduction, have you discovered that making zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth is actually a very simple process? Just a few simple steps can give you healthy and neat teeth.