Materials of Fixed Dentures and Removable Dentures


Materials of Fixed Dentures and Removable Dentures

We can broadly classify dentures into fixed and removable dentures according to whether they can be removed by themselves or not. Dental zironia block supplier HONCHON SMILE introduces you to their common materials and their respective advantages.


Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures, as the name implies, are fixed to the abutment teeth, just like your own teeth, and are highly valued by patients for their aesthetics, comfort and efficient chewing experience. The materials used for fixed dentures can be divided into two categories, namely porcelain crowns and all-porcelain crowns.

Compared to all-porcelain crowns, porcelain crowns contain a metal base, which is not a good choice for people who need to have an MRI of their head. Secondly, because of the opacity of the metal base, porcelain crowns are not as aesthetically pleasing as all-porcelain crowns. The precipitation of metal ions, deposited on the surface of the gingival margin over the years, can cause blackening of the gingival margin of porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns with a precious metal base can alleviate this phenomenon to some extent, but at a higher material cost.

Overall, porcelain crowns can meet the needs of the general population in terms of aesthetics and strength, and have always been the first material considered by patients for their relatively low cost. With excellent aesthetic properties, good biocompatibility, and excellent mechanical properties, all-ceramic crowns are nearly perfect in the world of denture materials. Therefore, if you want a pair of high-grade dentures,zirconia all-porcelain crowns will not disappoint you.


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Removable Dentures

When your oral condition does not meet the requirements of fixed prosthetics, removable dentures are your choice. However, the aesthetic effect, chewing efficiency and comfort of use vary from person to person, and are far different from fixed dentures.

Removable partial dentures can be classified by material into cemented and cast metal bracket type.

Glued denture: mainly made of methacrylic resin, the resin base is used to connect the wire bending ring, artificial teeth, etc. into a whole. Glued removable partial denture is cheaper and simpler to make. If the denture is damaged, it is easier to repair. However, the thickness of the plastic base is relatively large, which increases the volume of the denture and prolongs the adaptation period of the patient. It is mostly used clinically as a temporary, transitional denture.

Metal cast bracket type denture: The denture adopts an integral casting process to form a strong metal bracket with large and small connectors and retainers, etc., and is connected to artificial teeth and resin saddle base. It is divided into cobalt-chromium alloy material and pure titanium material. The advantages are small size, less covering tissue, comfortable feeling, easy self-cleaning, and high strength, not easy to damage. Cast brackets made of pure titanium have even greater superiority, it is more biocompatible and has good corrosion resistance, pure titanium has been widely used in the dental field in recent years.

Honchon smile offers a wide range of compatible dual PMMA blanks for removable dentures with open CAD/CAM systems and ZirkonZahn systems. 100% high quality resin material, non-biotoxic.

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We also offer PEEK blocks. PEEK has been used as an implant material in the field of human medicine (finger prostheses, intervertebral discs, hip prostheses) for more than 35 years. The benefits can be attributed to the material's highly compatible properties, which make it possible to fuse with bone. In addition, its mechanical material properties are extremely similar to those of bone. Polyetheretherketone molding compounds are able to withstand the harshest conditions, possessing high radiation resistance, high chemical resistance, good wear resistance, they can be used under certain conditions as a material for the fusion of bone. It can be used as a removable partial denture retainer and bracket material under certain conditions.


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