Pick Your New Crown: Zirconia and Gold


Pick Your New Crown: Zirconia and Gold

Zirconia vs. gold is a heated debate when it comes to getting a new dental crown. Both are known for their durability, but they also have many differences. 

Zirconia Crowns

Gold is self-explanatory, but what is zirconia? Zirconia block is the newest type of dental crown available. Zirconia is a metal oxide and dental ceramic. Unlike dental ceramics that have been used for decades, zirconia blends more naturally with real teeth and is virtually indestructible.


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Multilayer zirconia blocks


The main benefits of zirconia crowns are strength and longevity. While most crowns last 10 to 15 years, zirconia crowns can even last a lifetime. Zirconia crowns are extremely durable. Other crown materials can be at risk of cracking or breaking after years of use, especially if they are frequently exposed to hard foods.
Zirconia crowns can mimic the appearance of a natural tooth more perfectly than any other material. The zirconia base provides an incredibly strong core for the crown. The proper level of glazing and staining then allows the zirconia to take on the lustrous hue of a healthy, natural tooth.
The strength of zirconia can sometimes prove to be detrimental. If it is not perfect or if patients grind their teeth, the indestructible zirconia material can damage the surrounding teeth.


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ST Zirconia Blocks

Gold Crowns

Gold is one of the oldest materials used in dentistry. Gold and gold alloys have been used for centuries to restore damaged teeth. Gold is less susceptible to wear and tear, making it ideal for teeth that are constantly wearing down. Gold and gold alloy crowns may appear gold or silver in color, and they usually last a long time.
Gold is also one of the less destructive crowns. When using gold crowns, a minimal amount of the underlying tooth needs to be removed in order to properly fit the crown. The main disadvantage of gold crowns is their aesthetic appeal. Gold crowns cannot be used on natural teeth like porcelain crowns.
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Caring for Dental Crowns

While gold and zirconia crowns are strong and durable, the teeth they cover may not be. It is important to continue to maintain good oral hygiene after obtaining a new crown. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your restorations in top condition.

Brush at least twice a day

In addition to brushing the restoration and any natural teeth, individuals should also brush their tongue and cheeks to reduce oral bacteria and odor.


Dental implants do not decay, but they are still susceptible to gum disease. Floss your implants thoroughly once a day.

Antibacterial mouthwash

Combined with proper brushing and flossing, antibacterial mouthwash can help reduce bacteria and microorganisms.

Regular visits to the dentist

Zirconia implant-supported bridges should only be removed by your dentist. In addition to proper home care, make sure you attend routine checkups and cleanings to maintain your restorative and oral health.


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