Advantages and disadvantages of zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth.


 When it comes to porcelain teeth, many people may not be unfamiliar with them, including ordinary porcelain teeth, precious metal porcelain teeth, etc. But when it comes to all-ceramic teeth, few people know that zirconium dioxide computerized all-ceramic teeth have become the favorite of movie stars. Especially in developed countries, 80% of people choose zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth for oral cosmetic restoration. %above. The following elf dental experts will introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth

1. Zirconia porcelain teeth are a mineral found in nature as baddeleyite. After medical zirconia has been cleaned and processed, a small amount of α-ray residue remains in the zirconium, and its penetration depth is very small. The ISO13356-2008 standard requires less than 0.2Ba/g, while medical zirconia is generally 0.020Ba/g. The radiation is very small.

2. Zirconia porcelain teeth have high density and strength.

(1) The strength is 1.5 times higher than the second generation EMPRESS.

(2) The strength is more than 60% higher than INCERAM zirconia.

(3) Unique crack resistance and strong curing performance after cracking.

(4) Porcelain bridges can be made with more than 6 units, which solves the problem that all-ceramic systems cannot make long bridges.

3. Zirconia porcelain teeth, the natural feeling of tooth color and the unobvious crown edge are also the benefits of using zirconia all-ceramic restoration. In particular, patients who have high aesthetic requirements pay more attention to the natural color, because this makes the restoration and the healthy teeth integrated and difficult to distinguish.

4. Do you know? If the dentures in your mouth are metal-containing porcelain crowns, they will be affected or even removed when you need to undergo a cranial X-ray, CT, or MRI examination. Non-metallic zirconium dioxide has no obstruction to X-rays. As long as the zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth are embedded, there is no need to remove the dentures when skull X-rays, CT, or MRI examinations are required in the future, saving a lot of trouble.

5. Zirconia porcelain teeth are an excellent high-tech biomaterial with good biocompatibility and are superior to various metal alloys, including gold. Zirconium dioxide has no irritation or allergic reaction to the gums, and is very suitable for use in the oral cavity, avoiding adverse reactions such as allergies, irritation, and corrosion caused by metal in the oral cavity.

6. Compared with other all-ceramic restoration materials, the strength advantage of zirconium dioxide porcelain dental materials allows doctors to achieve extremely high strength without excessive grinding of the patient's real teeth. Among them, LAVA all-ceramic zirconia is The strongest all-ceramic material to date.

7. Zirconia porcelain teeth are of extremely high quality. They are of high quality not only because of their expensive materials and equipment, but also because they use the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and computer program-controlled grinding and production. Complete, perfect.

8. Based on the above advantages, zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth have been favored by thousands of people. Looking to the future, this high-quality ceramic material will definitely become the trend of dental cosmetic restoration in the future. I also hope that you who are deeply troubled by oral diseases can truly Smile brighter.