Unique Benefits of Zirconium and Zirconia Crowns


Unique Benefits of Zirconium and Zirconia Crowns

Crowns are often used with dental implants to replace missing or decayed teeth. They are also used as bridges and anchors for partial dentures.

Porcelain and gold have long been the traditional materials used to form dental crowns. Porcelain crowns provide a more natural appearance, but are more likely to chip. Gold crowns are the least expensive, but they are unsightly and can produce negative allergic reactions. Dental crowns can also be made of zirconium. Zirconia crowns offer an excellent natural appearance without uncomfortable side effects.

What is zirconium?

Zirconium is a strong crystal that has many favorable qualities. Crystals are known for their durability and indestructibility. Zirconium is no exception. In addition to its strength and durability, zirconium is compatible with the human body, making it popular for use in medical applications.

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Key benefits of zirconium


1 Biocompatibility

Because the body does not reject zirconium, the chances of infection, complications, pain, discomfort and allergic reactions to the crown are reduced.

2 Hides dental damage

Zirconium is preferred over porcelain for concealing and hiding tooth damage caused by staining or fracture.

3 Less tooth structure needs to be removed

Often, when a crown is needed, a layer of the original tooth is removed to allow the crown to fit it properly. The strength of zirconium means that a thinner layer is needed for the crown. A thinner crown will result in less of the original tooth being removed.

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4 Durability

Made of crystal, zirconium is virtually indestructible and can easily withstand the most strenuous chewing and biting activities. In fact, zirconium is five times stronger than porcelain! They are also resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures, which reduces the frequency of tooth irritation common to other types of crowns.


5 Matches natural teeth

Despite their strong construction, zirconium crowns are easily shaped, sized and colored to match a patient's natural teeth. It is believed that the ductility of zirconium crowns allows for the production of better shaped crowns than the original crowns it replaces. The ability to create the perfect shape, size and color provides patients with a better, more natural appearance.


6 Long-lasting

In addition to their durability, zirconium crowns last longer than porcelain crowns. This is primarily because zirconium is more resistant to chipping and cracking.

It can be easily modified, reshaped and colored.

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7 Aesthetics

Zirconium crowns are translucent and made of crystal. The clear, translucent appearance of zirconium allows for perfect tooth shading that best matches a patient's natural tooth color, superior to gold or porcelain crowns.


8 No metal required

Unlike gold or porcelain crowns, zirconium crowns do not need to be fused to a metal base, which makes traditional crowns even more attractive. Zirconia crowns offer the comfort, security, feel, durability and appearance of natural teeth.

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