Problems, Causes and Solutions of Full Denture Fabrication


Problems, Causes and Solutions of Full Denture Fabrication

honchon smile is a brand who specialized in selling dental lab and dentist materials on line. There have many products like dental zirconia blocks, There are many products like dental zirconia blocks, multilayer zirconia, dental PMMA, PMMA blocks, wax blocks, denta milling burs. Our products are mainly sold to denture makers and this blog lists some common failures and problems in the process of full denture making and their solutions, hope it can help you.

Problem 1 Air bubbles in the impression


① Improper water powder ratio

② Incorrect mixing speed and direction

③ Uneven shaking


①Appropriate ratio of water powder (hard gypsum and water ratio of 1:3)

②Mixing speed is uniform, direction consistent

③Shake evenly and adequately


Problem 2 model data measurement is not accurate


① measurement with "flying edge" interference

② improper use of vernier calipers



① use the carving knife to remove the excess edge and then measure

② correct use of vernier calipers

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Problem 3 line drawing problem


①When drawing the line, the line is not on the top of the alveolar ridge

②The line does not extend to the edge of the model



Wrong pointing


① Accurately locate the position of the anterior molar

② All lines are extended to the edge of the model


Problem 4 Inaccurate thickness of the abutment


Uneven application of the separator, too thick or too thin, affecting the thickness of the abutment.


Apply the separator evenly and in the right amount

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Dental PEEK Blocks


Problem 5 The edge of the base tray does not fit tightly


The wax sheet is not soft and compacted



Soften the wax sheet and fully compact it. Apply pressure from the inside of the model to both edges.

Problem 6 Wax dike problem


①Wax dike appears to be layered  

②Incorrect curvature  

③Wax dike surface is not flat  

④The size of the wax dike and the angle of the plane with the teeth is wrong



①The wax was not compacted when rolling  

②The wax dike is not accurately placed on the top of the alveolar ridge 

③Uneven force when pressing the glass plate

④Not accurately measured the size and angle of the wax dike



①Compact the wax sheet when rolling the wax  

②Press the glass plate with even force 

③accurately measure the height and width of the wax dike (11cm high at the maxillary midline, 8cm high at the maxillary tubercle, 10cm high at the mandibular midline) 

④ Correctly trim the angle of the wax dike (85° for the maxillary and coaptation plane, 80° for the mandibular and coaptation plane and above)

 Problems, Causes and Solutions of Full Denture Fabrication(图3)

Problem 7 Error in separating the reset plate

Problems occurring

①Incorrect placement of the iron sheet or not placed iron sheet

②The edge of the tape is not pressed tightly  

③The thickness of the reset plate is too thick or too thin

④Not hit the inverted concave                

⑤When taking off, the reset plate is broken


①Reset plate is not cleaned  

②Reset plate is too thin or take when there is no force point  

③Take down the reset plate too early



①Clean the reset plate before filling the model, the correct placement of the iron sheet 

②Determine the thickness of the reset plate (3~5mm above the tip) 

③When the plaster is completely solidified, then take the reset plate, and determine a force point before taking  

Problem 8 Maxillary frame problem


①Cut guide pin floating  

②Anti-dentition occurs

③The maxillary model is not in the correct position of the dental planes



①Reset plate and model are not completely wetted

Removal of the weight before the cemented plaster is completely solidified

The model or reset plate is too thick, so that there is no contact between the cutting guide pin and the cutting guide plate

②Reversing the upper and lower dentition

③Model midline and the jaw plane midline is not right, press the bracket to move the bracket left and right

④The plaster used for bonding is adjusted too thick so that the operation time is too short



①Completely wet the restoration plate and the dental bracket, and wait for the solidifying plaster to completely solidify before continuing to work.

②Invert the dental bracket to the upper and lower jaw models

③Place the dental bracket in the correct position before putting it on the teeth, and press down the dental bracket vertically to make the dental bracket stable.

④Make suitable thickness of plaster

 Problems, Causes and Solutions of Full Denture Fabrication(图4)


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