Why Is Zirconia Crown More and More Popular?


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Recently, a dentist friend of mine, shared a case on INS. A patient was suspected of having a brain disorder and had a CT scan, but he had metal porcelain teeth in his mouth, which showed a radiographic image as a centre, making it impossible to see the surrounding tissues and affecting the clinical diagnosis. The dentist recommended that patients who can afford it should opt for an all-ceramic zirconia crown restoration, which will not produce artefacts and will not cause unnecessary problems.

We should have seen ceramic knives in the supermarkets. It is made of zirconia, which is wear resistant, high density, high hardness, non-rusting, thin and sharp, and has a Mohs hardness of 9. Not only is it suitable for knives, but in terms of durability and stability of the material, zirconia crown is considered to be the most beautiful, durable and stable crown material available.


In the 1970s, the famous German company VITA invented the In-Ceram technology, the strength of all-porcelain crowns was greatly improved and was soon used in clinical practice. The realistic aesthetic effect of all-porcelain crowns shocked dentists, and even dentists had difficulty in distinguishing which one was a denture. With the development of materials science and computer technology, CAD-CAM technology (computer aided design, laser scanning and then computer program controlled grinding and fabrication) was applied to the production of dentures, of which zirconia computerised all-ceramic teeth were the most successful product.

The characteristics of zirconia teeth are as follows:

The colour is very similar to that of natural teeth and has an aesthetic effect, excellent light transmission and is more suitable for use in areas with high aesthetic requirements.

No metallic odour in the mouth, no corrosion, excellent biocompatibility and longevity. It can withstand strong occlusal forces and is resistant to fracture, making it robust and durable.

The non-metallic zirconia does not block the X-rays during MRI examinations and does not require removal of the dentures during MRI examinations. You can have more details in HONCHON SMILE.

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In summary, zirconia all-porcelain crowns are a type of all-porcelain porcelain teeth, known as zirconia all-porcelain teeth because of the zirconia ceramic that is used as the internal structural material. Zirconia all-porcelain is one of the strongest dental restorations, so it is not easy to use it to restore teeth that are not easy to chip, and secondly, it can be used for cosmetic and restoration of missing teeth, and it can restore multiple teeth, i.e. it can be used to restore teeth with crowns.

The current zirconia all-ceramic teeth are made using computerised CAD-CAM technology, i.e. laser scanning, computer-aided design, and three-dimensional CNC machining on specialised machines to produce a suitable crown or bridge.

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