What Can Dentists Do to Change A Crown If It Doesn't Fit


Zirconia crowns have become significantly popular over the past years. Today's clients are demanding zirconia crowns over metal crowns since zirconia repairs provide toughness as well as practical aesthetic appeals. In addition, zirconia is a very long lasting steel that can withstand intense chewing as well as grinding for expanded time periods.

Oral crown troubles are not something you can overlook. Any type of troubles with crowns have to be attended to instantly for the safety and security of the patient. Denture producer HONCHON SMILE shares exactly how to effectively put crowns and just how to readjust the fit of crowns in case of difficulties.

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4D Multi Layer Zirconia Disc


What makes an improper crown


Not effectively bonded

Medical professionals need to meticulously take a look at the sides of crowns to prevent potential errors during the bonding procedure, such as a space in the patient's crown. This space permits saliva as well as bacteria to go into the crown as well as can cause tooth decay as well as infection.

Hurrying the setup

When crowns are hurried, errors, such as wrong margins, can take place. A crown bound with an open side enables saliva to get in or permeate into the crown, which can bring about gum decay for the person.

Wrong mold preparation

The visibility of air bubbles, drag marks, missing out on impact information, unreliable margins and poor materials can affect the high quality of the impact.


How to solve debonding difficulties


If you see that your zirconia crown is debonding, attempt altering your bonding procedure. A lot of technicians will certainly test the fit of the crown in the person's mouth prior to cleansing the tooth with a pumice stone.

Next, if your zirconia crown does not have a built-in primer, decontaminate it before preparing the intaglio of the zirconia repair with primer or adhesive.

Finally, the crown is protected in position, repaired and also healed, and any excess concrete is removed.

Although these are standard procedures, medical professionals are sometimes not able to completely sanitize the intaglio, which can cause failing of the bonding procedure. Considering that zirconia binds to phosphate teams, it is crucial to effectively eliminate the phosphate groups to ensure that the oxide sites can be efficiently bonded in the patient's mouth.


What Can Dentists Do to Change A Crown If It Doesnt Fit(图2)

4D multilayer zirconia block


Eliminating phosphate groups



Most producers do recommend an extremely light sandblasting of the inner surface area at reduced stress. This makes use of straightforward physical concepts. Constantly refer to the producer's recommendations prior to trying this approach.

Salt hypochlorite

Utilizing a chamical reaction, eliminate the crown anxiety by wiping with gauze taken in 5% salt hypochlorite or full hydrogen peroxide, rinse with water and also air completely dry the crown.


Make use of an exclusive service, such as Ivoclean. Ivoclean is a universal cleaning paste indicated for cleaning of prosthetic restoration surfaces that have been contaminated during intraoral try-in. Leave the remedy on the crown for 20 seconds before washing. The crown is then air dried and prepared for bonding.


If you have experienced healthy problems with zirconia crowns, please contact us to discuss your details circumstance with our specialist technical team.