What is Dental Wax for Braces


What is Dental Wax for Braces

Braces dental wax may be your dental friend in desperate moments when you have mouth pain due to problems with your braces, and you have not made an appointment with your orthodontist.


After installing braces on your teeth, you may feel irritating scratches before you adjust to living with braces. Other times, when your braces suddenly break, it may be a product defect that caused the brace and wires to pierce sensitive parts of your mouth. When this happens, the discomfort can be unbearable, and the dental wax of the braces comes into play.


Know about Dental Wax for Braces


Dental wax for braces is a synthetic gum protector that is harmless with no known side effects. It is used to cover dislodged brackets and wires of faulty braces in both adults and children. Wax for braces helps create a smooth surface to protect against broken braces’ rough and sharp edges.


You may experience discomfort after a new dental procedure involving braces. However, if it persists for several days, you can apply dental wax to soothe your pain from the protruding wires and brackets. Wax for braces as a quick remedy before you schedule an appointment with your orthodontist.



What is Dental Wax for Braces Made of?


Orthodontic wax or dental wax is made of paraffin and carnauba wax. It can also contain beeswax. Wax for braces is a clear substance that is less noticeable when used. When applied to sharp edges of brackets and wires of braces, it turns thick and forms a smooth surface. It turns rigid in room temperatures but softens in warm temperatures, especially body temperature. The result is comfort and protection of your cheek linings and whole mouth.


A typical dental wax has no flavor or odor. However, the latest innovations have seen cherry, mint, and bubblegum flavored wax for braces for better taste and maximum comfort.


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How to Use Dental Wax ?


Clean and Brush First

After cleaning your hands and mouth, go to the mirror and carefully check your mouth. Feel the traces and swelling around your mouth with your fingertips and carefully identify the painful area. Once you can establish the most affected spots, locate the protruding brackets or wires and pat them dry with a clean, dry towel or piece of cloth.


Apply the Wax

Pinch a small portion of wax for braces on your hands. The wax will react to your body temperature and soften. When this happens, roll it into a ball and shape it accordingly. Take care not to use excess wax. That’s because it can fall inside your mouth and compound your discomfort.


Once you have molded the wax into the desired shape, apply it on top of the faulty braces. Pat gently with your fingers to ensure it is evenly spread and covers the entire spot. With the situation under control, your sore mouth is now set to heal. The healing process might be even shorter if you didn’t experience bleeding in your mouth before applying the wax for braces. So there you have it. You now know how to apply wax to braces.

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