Why Pmma Materials Are Used in Dentistry


Why Pmma Materials Are Used in Dentistry

Throughout its remarkable history, dentures have been made from many different materials. For example, George Washington's dentures, while never made of wood, were made of bone, ivory, human teeth and many other materials at different stages of his life.
But for nearly 80 years, we've been using the same denture material, a rigid plastic called polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA. Nowadays, 
dental zirconia blocks becomes people's prefer. However, there are those who believe that the future of dentures is a flexible new material. The increased demand for appearance in the modern world has led to the popularity of aesthetic restorations, and to meet such needs of patients, the dental field has reintroduced multilayer and acetal pmma material dental products.


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The popularity of pmma

There are many good reasons for the rapid adoption of PMMA. The benefit of PMMA is that it can be used for both gingiva-colored abutments and tooth-colored teeth. Due to its translucency, it even has good aesthetic qualities for teeth. And PMMA has a high degree of color stability, which means that with proper care (e.g., no homemade bleach rinses), your dentures will remain beautiful for years.

It also has many functional benefits. PMMA can be precisely matched to the impressions of the patient's mouth. It is a highly durable material that can be repaired if damaged. And because the base is made of the same material as the teeth, the teeth can be tightly bonded to the base, making it highly stable.
But PMMA isn't perfect. Although durable, it is very brittle. This means that if dropped it can break. This is especially a problem for people with arthritis. Some people find that PMMA can cause dentures to irritate their gums. And the rigidity of PMMA makes it susceptible to varying occlusal forces or rocking fits, which can lead to breakage.


Multilayer dental PMMA

First of all, multilayer dental pmma can increase your aesthetic appeal. They are manufactured with CAD/CAM technology and fit nicely into your mouth without the need for regular replacement.

Multilayers consist of blanks and blocks that are available in different colors but can be mixed well to achieve a perfect result. They are polished for the most natural look and are customized to the individual requirements of the patient.

Wearing multi-layered dental PMMAs allows you to enjoy greater stability. You can use them for up to several months without changing their color.
The polymerization makes them monomer-free, indicating that they are safe for patients suffering from allergic reactions. In addition, they are resistant to plaque even if you wear them frequently and for long periods of time.

Multi-layer dental pmma have shown positive results as temporary models, crowns and bridges for longer periods of time. It is possible to use cement for coloring in multi-layer dental PMMA.

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Acetal Dental PMMA

Wearing temporary Acetal Dental PMMA, you look attractive because the color matches the color of your natural teeth. Unless you tell anyone, no one will guess that you went through the process of a removable partial denture.

Acetal DENTAL PMMA with low modulus of elasticity can be used for greater undercutting of chrome cobalt alloys, thus exerting less pressure on the abutment teeth. Thus, they prove to be equally beneficial for aesthetic and periodontal health.

Patients with allergic reactions to metals can be relieved with acetal resin. The material can be modified and made into clasps for such patients. You can wear them for a long time and enjoy complete comfort.

In addition, the dental properties of acetal pmma materials are widely recognized by patients for their great increase in occlusal force and masticatory efficiency. This was demonstrated in a trial with 30 patients using RPD.

Today, acetal resins are the perfect pmma material dental product to replace conventional resins used in removable partial denture procedures.


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