vhf 35mm dental milling tools
vhf 35mm dental milling tools

vhf 35mm dental milling tools

EMAX/zirconia /pmma/Metal
Total Length

1.product Introduction

vhf 35mm dental milling tools are customized burring needles for VHF machines. These burrs of vhf 35mm dental milling tools are 100% compatible with vhf machines and there will be no errors. These burrs of vhf 35mm dental milling tools are divided according to their functions. They can be The four functions are milling zirconia, EMAX, metal, and PMMA. In order to make vhf 35mm dental milling tools more durable, our factory also sprays three coatings on this needle, namely DC/DLC/RC.

2.product Parameter (specification)

3.Product feature and application

vhf 35mm dental milling tools(图1)  As shown in the picture, this is part of the product display. From the picture, you can see that these are the burs used to mill EMAX. These burs are specially sprayed and the emery is adsorbed on the tungsten carbide body rod, making vhf 35mm dental milling tools have better wear resistance. Since they are specially customized vhf 35mm dental milling tools, these burs are compatible with VHF machines and provide excellent accuracy.

Versatility: The vhf 35mm dental milling tools produced by our company have four different uses. You only need to cooperate with one of our companies to purchase these products, saving time.
Customization options: The vhf 35mm dental milling tools produced by our company can match all VHF machines. Even if you need to purchase other models of products, we can customize them. We can assist in drawings or customize them according to drawings.
Main uses: vhf 35mm dental milling tools are mainly used for precise milling of dentures made of various materials in dental laboratories, and then sintering after milling.

4.Production process and process introduction

Material Selection: We carefully select high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand the demands of dental milling. These materials are specifically chosen for their strength and ability to deliver precise milling results.
Tool Design: Our experienced engineers design the Dental Milling Tools, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with a variety of milling machines. The design process takes into consideration factors such as cutting efficiency, precision, and durability.
Manufacturing: Using advanced machinery and techniques, our skilled technicians manufacture the Dental Milling Tools with meticulous attention to detail. Each tool undergoes rigorous quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and performance.
Surface Treatment: To further enhance the durability and performance of our Dental Milling Tools, we apply specialized surface treatments. These treatments improve the cutting efficiency, reduce friction, and increase the lifespan of the tools.
Packaging and Delivery: Once the tools have passed our strict quality control standards, they are carefully packaged to ensure safe transportation. We take great care to protect the tools during delivery to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
 vhf 35mm dental milling tools(图2)

1. Why do customers choose our company?
Our company has been established for 10+ years and has accumulated a lot of production and sales experience. Our factory staff are all experienced. Our factory has passed CE, FDA, ISO and other certifications. Our products have good quality and high reputation.
2. How to ensure after-sales service?
Our products have a one-year warranty from the date of sale. If there is any quality problem, we can guarantee a return or exchange without any worries.
3. What channels do you have for payment?
We have many payment methods, such as Alibaba Credit Insurance orders, bank transfers, etc.
4.What delivery channels do you have?
Our commonly used shipping channels include UPS, DHL, ocean freight, freight forwarding, etc.

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