Tooth engraving machine principle


     The tooth engraving machine is a device used to make dental restorations. Its principle is to use CNC technology to control the fine engraving head, and accurately depict the shape, size and other parameters to the tooth restoration based on the pre-designed digital model. physically.

     The working principle of the tooth engraving machine can be simply divided into the following steps:

     1. Establish a digital model: First, the teeth to be produced need to be scanned and converted into a digital three-dimensional model. This step can be achieved through computer-aided design software (CAD).

     2. Preprocessing: Before engraving, some preprocessing needs to be done on the digital model, such as adjusting the size, determining the engraving path, etc.

     3. Engraving: Input the pre-processed digital model into the dental engraving machine, control the engraving head through CNC technology, and gradually engrave the dental restoration according to the preset engraving path.

     4. Post-processing: After the engraving is completed, some post-processing is required on the dental restoration, such as grinding, glazing, etc., to obtain a smoother and more beautiful surface.

     In general, dental engraving machines use advanced CNC technology to accurately carve digital models onto dental restorations, which can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of dental restorations.