The Development Of Zirconia In Dentistry


The Development Of Zirconia In Dentistry

You should have noticed that dental offices have been doing brisk business in recent years. And when it comes to dentures, doctors will recommend zirconia to you. The increasing emphasis on aesthetics in dentistry has contributed to the ongoing search for materials with sufficient strength and longevity to replace metal dentures. Initially, in the mid-20th century, porcelain crowns made of feldspathic porcelain were used, which were later reinforced with an aluminum oxide core. However, the compressive strength of this material was low. 1963 saw the introduction of metal-fused porcelain crowns (PFM), which remained the gold standard for the fabrication of crown and bridge restorations for decades. the 2000s saw a dramatic change in ceramic restorations with the introduction of CAD/CAM systems and the use of transformationally toughened zirconia.

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The use of zirconia blocks in dentistry

Unlike earlier forms of all-ceramic restorations, zirconia meets the combined requirements of superior aesthetics and superior strength. It also fulfills the need for all-ceramic materials for patients with metal allergies. Dental applications include:

Zirconia dental posts

Zirconia posts offer a more aesthetic solution in restoring anterior teeth and metal posts where they may cause gum margins to turn gray. Their use also eliminates any complications caused by corrosion reactions in the oral environment and surrounding tissues.

Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Monolithic zirconia restorations and layered zirconia frameworks offer high flexural strength and good aesthetics.

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The future of zirconia in dentistry

Zirconia restorations have been used very successfully for many years and provide excellent biocompatibility and mechanical properties for patients. Initially, the first zirconia restorations were difficult to veneer successfully because they were bone white and had a false-looking color. The later introduction of    pre-colored zirconia and multilayer zirconia materials largely solved this problem. Currently, the demand for zirconia far exceeds the demand for PFM, and these older restorations are gradually being limited to dental history.

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